Foster carers have a key role in the day-to-day care in their own home of children placed by Barking and Dagenham Council.

They are required to provide a good standard of childcare (that supports emotional and physical wellbeing, and safety) aimed at encouraging and supporting the child/young person to achieve their full educational potential or training goals. Foster carers are expected to work with their foster child’s education provider to maximise achievement and minimise any underachievement.

Foster carers’ responsibilities include:

  • attending and contributing meaningfully to personal education planning (PEP) meetings at school 
  • being involved in target-setting and taking follow-up responsibility to ensure that the child/young person is aware and reminded of these targets
  • bringing the home context to the PEP meetings to provide a robust picture of other activities that the child/young person is engaged in outside school, other skills they are learning and their emotional wellbeing at home
  • using their education allowance to pay for trips and ensuring that the child/young person is fully engaged in all the activities in school
  • providing support and encouragement to the child/young person at home through creating an enabling environment for them to learn.